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Welcome to the Clark School GitLab.

About this service

Available to
Faculty and students in the colleges listed below are able to access the Clark School GitLab.

→ A. James Clark School of Engineering
→ College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences

Authorized affiliates and guests sponsored by users in the above colleges may also access GitLab.
Due to licensing terms & conditions, we do not automatically allow staff to access GitLab. Staff and other users that do not fit the above criteria can be added for access on a case-by-case basis. Please email for more information.

Log-in instructions
Students, Faculty, Staff: use the UMD CAS button to log in. If you have never logged in before, your account will automatically be created.
Affiliates: use the UMD CAS button to log in.
Guests: use your username & password to log in.

Feature highlights
→ Individuals are given space for 5 projects & can request an increase*.
→ Group creation is disabled, but you can request a group*.
→ Instance-wide [docker] shared runners are available for CI/CD jobs. No configuration necessary, just add a .gitlab-ci.yml file to your repo.
→ Guest accounts for students & faculty who wish to collaborate with external users on projects.
And more...*.

Technical support & questions

Read FAQs about this service on its dedicated page*.

Please open a request here* if you experience any issues with the service.

GitLab is a service provided by Engineering Information Technology at no cost to the A. James Clark School of Engineering.

*University of Maryland Directory ID & Password required to access.

Students, Faculty, & Staff please sign in with UMD CAS. Guests may sign in with username & password.

GitLab Enterprise Edition

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